Jim Whitescarver



Summary of Qualifications

Hands On information system architect and engineer.

Master of UNIX, relational databases, distributed Object Oriented Design and Agile methodologies.

Extensive experience in e-business.

IT pioneer and scientific researcher and educator.

Diverse background with technologies local to northern New Jersey or Manhattan.

Dynamic innovator of Information Technology Business Process. [JrSubs6]

Professional Experience

Consultant (independent) 11/3/2008-present


Senior Analyst/developer (consultant with scivantage inc.)

Banc of America Investment Services, New York, NY,, 4/7/2008-10/24/2008


Senior Analyst/developer (consultant with ASAP staffing)

UPS, United Parcel Service, Paramus, NJ, 11/2007-3/2008



Senior Analyst/developer (consultant)

The Casey Group, Parsippany, NJ, 5/2006-9/2007


System archetect/developer(consultant)

SpringVentrures, Hopatcong, NJ, 2/2006 5/2006 ]



Senior Analyst/developer (consultant)

Barclays Capital Prime Brokerage., Whippany, NJ, 8/20052/2006


Chief SYSTEMS ARCHITECT/ Programmer analyst

Xanthus Inc., Newark, NJ, 19992005



Xanthus Inc., Newark, NJ, 19841999 (in parallel with full time NJIT employment below)


Project Director for Emerging Technologies in Computing and Information Services; Assistant Director for the Computerized Conferencing and Communications Center; Consultant for the Center for Information Age Technology

New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, NJ, 19841999


Consultant at AT&T, American Bell, Bell Laboratories and Western Electric

Sycomm Systems Inc., Parsippany, NJ, 19811984


Senior Systems Analyst

New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, NJ, 19751981


Manager of Data Processing / programmer

The Grand Union Supermarket Co., Carlstadt, NJ, 19681975




New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, NJ

o        Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with minor in Electrical Engineering

o        Charter member UPE National Computer Science Honor Society.

o        President, Association for Computing Machinery NJIT chapter

o        GPA 3.95/3.25


IBM 1967-1971

IBM Customer Education and Systems Science Education

o        Top of class in Systems Science Education.








Shell, Java, C, Cobol, SmallTalk, JavaScript, Perl, mod_perl, Python, TCL, Forth, m4, PHP, ColdFusion, VBA, Delphi, XML, XTML, HTML/XHTML/DHTML, WSDL, WSFL, CSS, XSLT.

Programming Environments

J2EE, Jboss, Jrun, Hibernate, Weblogic, Websphere, Ant, Make, Expect, Shell, Bash, Awk, Eclipse, ksh, Webl, DCL, JSP, ASP, CGI.


SQL, Sybase, MySQL, SQLServer, DB2, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Informix, Ingres, HSQL DbVisualizer , RapidSQL, DB Advantage, normalization, performance tuning.

Techniques and Applications

Agile/Extreme Programming, RAD, Design Patterns, UML, Eclipse, Netbeans, configuration management, enterprise performance and resource management and monitoring, CVS, SCCS, svn ClearCase, web services, Active Email, GroupWare, Knowledge Base, open source integration, horizontal and vertical distribution, legacy systems interface, data mining, Semantic Web, Web Services, LAMP, CSS, XSL, XSLT, WSDL, Servlet, EJB, SCA, ESB, JMS, JNDI, JDBC, Google AdWords/AdSence, Overture



Operating Systems

UNIX and Windows varieties, VM/CMS, VMS, Solaris, AIX, HPUX, BSD/FreeBSD, Linux, SCO.


CCPM, ERP, web marketing, systems security, systems analysis and usability studies.



Association Memberships

ACM (1974-), IEEE (1976-), MENSA (1989-) (presently lapsed)


Additional Accomplishments

Publications (coauthored)

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