Jim Whitescarver

23 Bucknell Way
Hopatcong, NJ 07843


Summary of Qualifications

A “hands on” information system architect and engineer who maximizes the return on information technology investments by creating usable business process solutions which maximize organizational productivity. Results are achieved using best practices, design patterns, development and integration with in-house, legacy, open source and world-class business critical point applications using robust configuration management to deploy secure, scalable, maintainable, reliable and user-friendly systems on time and within budget. A master of UNIX, relational databases, distributed Object Oriented Design and Agile methodologies; experienced in many programming languages, network, database and systems environments including integration and Web Services delivering flexible Web and active email organizational process support.

Extensive experience in e-business, including serving as primary system architect, technical project director and developer for major educational (NJIT), banking (Sovereign) and travel (Liberty Travel/Gogo Worldwide) real-time fulfillment and affiliate programs, with recent experience in OTC and derivative trading and settlement systems(Barclay), customer support and sales support applications.

A pioneer and scientific researcher and educator in the area of on-line group support systems, including email, groupware, usability, object oriented systems, distance learning and the World Wide Web. Listed (CERN/W3C) as an original World Wide Web Developer in recognition for contributions to HTML 1.0, development of the first screen oriented ("curses") WWW browser, and a wide range of server side functionality including database, man pages, email archives and groupware interfaces.

The ideal full time position would require a diverse background with strong Unix, Perl, C, SQL, distributed multi-tier OO design, and include Java, Ruby, legacy and other technologies local to northern New Jersey or Manhattan.

Jim is an exceptionally creative, “out of the box” thinker, and diligent worker, as a team member, team lead, or project director, with a proven work history of successful software development projects including extensive experience in senior design and developer roles on software projects that completed the full life cycle and were maintained and enhanced in a production environment. He passionately strives to exceed expectations.

Professional Experience

Senior Analyst/developer (consultant/Employee)

The Casey Group, 5/2006-9/2007

Design and development of J2EE and Web services, configuration management, production control, monitoring and automated usage reporting for IBM Websphere applications using RAD/WID/Eclipse, Java, UML, BPEL, ANT, cvs, svn, sh, bash, ksh, IBM, WAS. WPO, WPS, AIX, UNIX, cygwin, Redhat/Fedora Linux, Windows, Excel, CICS gateway, DB2, Oracle, mysql, VBA, XML, SOAP, XSL, LDAP, Perl, Delphi. Projects included services for the orders to cash workflow portal for a leading security company and “briefcase model” sales support inventory and order control services for a leading auto parts distributor. All projects were delivered on time, within budget and with customer, user and management satisfaction.

System archetect/depeloper(consultant)

SpringVentrures, 2/2006 – 5/2006

Design and development of database for federal business opportunities including, conversion to XML (Bash, Perl), and mapping to database (Postgres, Hibernate, JAX, Java, Tomcat, Apache), management of Linux servers and application scheduling and monitoring.

Design and development of “virtual IT” remote systems management including Dynamic IP address name services management (php, bash, DNS, BIND), MS remote desktops and VNC, UPS monitoring and Linux file server with local and remote backup system (Samba, rsync, cron bash, Apache).

Senior Analyst/developer (consultant)

Barclays Capital Prime Brokerage., 8/2005–2/2006

Responsible for design, development, remediation and operational support (on rotation) for trading, settlement and client/intranet feeds and reporting systems as a consultant to the Equity Finance Information Technology Group. Activities include development of UNIX performance monitoring and analysis, optimization of Sybase stored procedures, Perl, shell/ksh, Java and VB/VBA systems plus Autosys scheduling and Clear Case configuration management on Solaris UNIX and Windows 2000 archiving significant performance and reliability improvements. Developed sftp stock loan and availability feed and remediated feeds involving ftp, email, MQ for internal trading systems, trade imports, stock loan, margin coverage, settlement systems, Imatch, and SAP involving OTC stocks and diverse derivatives including support for new equity linked notes and equity arbitrage products. Data formats include delimited files, FIX, Swift, INTAC plus planing for FpML utilization as well as data mining of ADP BPSA TRAC reports. Also developed a web framework for IT support personnel and their clients including security and SAP mapping, SEC/NASD compliance reporting and trade feed status reporting using Apache. Managed and implemented migration of US equity finance applications to new hardware and data servers.

Chief SYSTEMS ARCHITECT/ consultant

Xanthus Inc., 1999–2005

Responsible for delivery of enterprise-wide business process and Internet integration solutions. This has included production of internet, intranet, extranet, integration development projects, as well as web marketing plans, search engine strategies, supply chain and fulfillment integration, and customer relationship management groupware.

Oversee all aspects of design, development, optimization and operation of the corporate network of Windows, FreeBSD and Linux servers. Functionality includes production control, configuration management, monitoring, alerts and task management groupware, virtual networks, email, webservers, JRun, JBoss/J2EE and system administration including a hosting service supporting hundreds of domains (UNIX, Shell, Perl, Awk, C Apache).

Designed and developed an innovative real-time server-side dynamic email spam blocking mechanism combining spamtraps, open source spam filtering solutions and user feedback.



Xanthus Inc., 1984–1999 (in parallel with full time NJIT employment below)


Project Director for Emerging Technologies in Computing and Information Services; Assistant Director for the Computerized Conferencing and Communications Center; Consultant for the Center for Information Age Technology

New Jersey Institute of Technology, 1984–1999

          1. Develop proposals, design, manage, implement, operate, evaluate organizational systems. Synergize Educational, Research, and industry partnership technologies.


Consultant at AT&T, American Bell, Bell Laboratories and Western Electric

Sycomm Systems Inc., 1981–1984


Senior Systems Analyst

New Jersey Institute of Technology, 1975–1981


Manager of Data Processing / programmer

Whitescarver Transportation Corp., 1968–1975



New Jersey Institute of Technology


IBM Customer Education and Systems Science Education



Shell, Java, C, C++, Cobol, SmallTalk, JavaScript, Perl, mod_perl, Python, TCL, Forth, m4, PHP, Flash/ActionScript, ColdFusion, VBA, Delphi, XML, XTML, HTML/XHTML/DHTML, WSDL, WSFL, CSS, XSLT.

Programming Environments

J2EE, Jboss, Jrun, Ant, Make, Expect, Shell, Bash, Awk, Eclipse, ksh, Webl, DCL, JSP, ASP, CGI.


SQL, Sybase, MySQL, SQLServer, DB2, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Informix, Ingres, HSQL DbVisualizer , RapidSQL, DB Advantage, normalization, performance tuning.

Techniques and Applications

Agile/Extreme Programming, RAD, Design Patterns, TDD, UML, Eclipse, Netbeans, configuration management, enterprise performance and resource management and monitoring, CVS, SCCS, svn ClearCase, web services, Active Email, GroupWare, Knowledge Base, open source integration, horizontal and vertical distribution, legacy systems interface, data mining, Semantic Web, Web Services, LAMP, CSS, XSL, XSLT, WSDL, Servlet, EJB, SCA, ESB, JMS, JNDI, JDBC, Google AdWords/AdSence, Overture



Operating Systems

UNIX and Windows varieties, VM/CMS, VMS, Solaris, AIX, HPUX, BSD/FreeBSD, Linux, SCO.


CCPM, ERP, web marketing, systems security, systems analysis and usability studies.

Association Memberships

ACM (1975-), IEEE (1976-), MENSA (1989-) (presently lapsed)

Publications (coauthored)

The Human Machine Interface in a Computerized Conferencing Environment. Proceedings IEEE Man and Cybernetics Conference (1977)

Applications of Computer Conferencing for the Disadvantaged. ASIS Proceedings, Minneapolis Oct. 14 (1979)

On the design of an Information Marketplace. ASIS Proceedings, Wash. D.C. Oct 25 (1981)

The Resources Reference Guide, A Network Data Base. NJIT/CCCC Research Report 19 (1982)

A Network Environment for Computer-Supported Collaborative Work. ACM SIGCOMM '87 Proceedings, Stowe, Vermont, August 11 (1987)

Computer-Mediate Communication and Developing Countries. Proceedings CC and Developing Countries, Oct 27, New Delhi, India (1987)

A User Environment for Computer Supported Collaborative Work. ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, May (1988)

EIES 2 A distributed Architecture for Supporting Group Work. NJIT/CCCC Research Report 28 (1992)

EIES Smalltalk Programmer's Manual,. NJIT/CCCC Technical Report (1992)

Integration of Virtual Classroom and Multimedia on the Information Superhighway. Proceedings of ISMM Conference on Distributed Multi-media Systems and Applications, Aug 1994, Honolulu, Hawaii (1994)

Integration of Simulations with the Internet for Distance Education. Accepted for publication at the LAAS Conference on Computer Simulation, Beirut, Lebanon, Sept 1-4 (1995)

From Isolation to Collaboration: A WWW Based Peer System. Proceedings of 2nd Americas Conference on Information Systems (1996)

From Virtual Classroom to Hypermedia Virtual Classroom. Proceedings of 2nd Americas Conference on Information Systems (1996)

Toward A Framework and Architecture for Internet-based 'Evolutionary' Collaboration. Proceedings of AIS97 (1997)

An Architecture for Evolving a Knowledge Network through Internet Collaboration. Proceedings of WebNet97 (1997)

Developing a Web Object Architecture, Designing Internet Objects, Services and Workflow. Presented at MegaTech 2001 (2001)

The Nature of Information and The Information of Nature. Published on InformationPhysics.com (2002)


Age: 57

Height: 6'3”

Weight: 220 lb.

Citizenship: US

Sex: male

Marital status: married

Children: 5

Interests: family, hiking, camping, sailing, physics, information theory, freedom, religion, philosophy, photography, nature, animals

im at Barclays Capital October 2005

Recommendations from LinkedIn.com


I worked with Jim on a very high profile project at ADT. During that time, Jim was a key player who identified many J2EE specific issues. He single handedly was able to identify several show stoppers and save the project from disastrous results. He is team player and has a great attitude. I highly recommend him to any organization that will treat him with the utmost respect he deserves and where he can truly leverage his talent. If you want to take your company to the next level, look no further.” September 8, 2007
Michael Vargas, EAI J2EE Developer, ADT
was with another company when working with Jim at The Casey Group

I had the pleasure of working with Jim as a peer in the design and development of production-grade business systems. Jim has extensive experience as a software engineer having worked with many different technologies to create systems in business domains. He has experience in all aspects of development, from inception through analysis, design, implementation, testing, delivery and production support. His most current skills were used to develop web-based applications using the Java/J2EE platform using IBM WebSphere. Jim is also a very strong Unix developer. Jim is able to understand a business problem and break it down into a solution using object-oriented design techniques. He is an advocate and practitioner of the Agile methodology. Jim also excels at assessing third party technologies (Open Source frameworks), understanding their strengths and limitations, and reusing them where it makes sense to improve time to market and accelerate development. He has demonstrated more than once the ability to combine these technologies to produce an end result that meets a business need. Jim is a good communicator, is open-minded and works well in a team setting.” September 8, 2007

Rob Julian, Sr. Architect/Developer, The Casey Group for ADT
worked directly with Jim at The Casey Group

Jim is a valuable resource and was used in many ground-breaking exercises in the formation of a large product suite we were establishing. Jim expertise at Unix and all things CVS were invaluable in establishing initial procedures for deployment artifact creation, tracking and deployment. This process was an orchestration of ANT scripts that managed the complete archiving and versioning of deployment artifacts for production release. He also developed the deployment process documentation for the deployment and support group to follow. This group, being a mainframe support group primarily, was completely unfamiliar with J2EE based servers and the created process and supporting documentation was simple and easy to follow resulting in a huge success by allowing us to re-purpose existing resources in an entirely new field. He was additionally used for his architectural strengths and was valuable in our efforts to select the right distribution methods as we were building a complete new system framework from absolute scratch.” September 10, 2007

Russell Nile, Senior Technical Architect, The Casey Group
Jim reported to Russell at The Casey Group

Jim is extremely knowledgeable in web development technologies and practices. He relayed his knowledge to me and others in the same group through lunch time training sessions which is considered "above and beyond".” September 11, 2007

Joe Malanio, Senior Architect, The Casey Group
worked with Jim at The Casey Group

Jim was excellent to work with. I only heard great things about his programming code. Jim is extremely knowledgeable and was often used as the in-house encyclopedia for programming, Unix, etc. Jim's devotion to Casey Group projects got him to finish code, test and debug on time and unfortunately there were no remaining projects for Jim at this time. Although Jim is an excellent programmer, I think his best quality is his friendly personality. At the Casey Group Jim always had a positive moral boosting attitude that I believe inspired others personally and professionally. I am hopeful to work with Jim again in the future.” September 8, 2007

Keith Adest, Senior Network Administrator, The Casey Group
worked with Jim at The Casey Group

“Jim W is without a doubt one of the best developer / architects in the US. In the early days of the Web Jim was developing fully-functional complex systems ,when the rest of the pack was marveling over the fact they just registered a dot com address. I would go in a sell a project to a major company and Jim would deliver whatever we promised. Jim has delivered over $5m of projects for me that still operate today.” August 16, 2007

Marty Pisano, President, MediaNow Inc.
was with another company when working with Jim at xanthus.net

“Jim is a competent and very motivated. His leadership was primarily responsible for the successful design, implementation and operation of online fulfillment systems in the banking and travel industries.” January 25, 2005

Paul Dube
was with another company when working with Jim at xanthus.net

“Over 20 years of professional relationship with Jim. He is highly motivated and exceptionally innovative. Recent accomplishments have been leading successful design, implementation and operation of online fulfillment systems for Liberty Travel and Sovereign Bank.” January 19, 2005

Gurinder Singh Johar
worked directly with Jim at xanthus.net and NJIT

“Jim keeps abreast of the latest technology trends and applies them to practical solutions. He is easy going and pleasant to work with. He takes a hands on approach and gets the job done.” January 19, 2005

Bob Michie
worked with Jim at The Casey Group and NJIT

“Jim is a great guy and a true pro. It's not often that you come across someone who has his depth and breadth of expertise and is also a consummate professional. I think I can say safely that his commitment to quality exceeds that of his clients. He's in it for keeps -- his personal standards prevent him settling for anything less than excellence. If he's on the case, I'm not worried.” January 19, 2005

Martin Kaminer
was Jim's client

“Jim finds the path of least resistance when designing new applications and directing baseline techniques. For Liberty Travel and Sovereign Bank he forged new ground, while saving his clients' money. His expertise in system design is well known. He knows where IT came from; he was there. He knows where it's going because he's followed and contributed to standards while staying one step ahead.” January 19, 2005

James Long, Project Manager, Xanthus
reported to Jim at xanthus.net

Web Portfolio – a sampling...

(if you are reading this in hard copy or any links are broken email jim@njit.edu for update or visit www.whitescarver.com/jim)

Welcome to PopeTV

1995 multi-technology video streaming, text conversion to the web of catechism and writings of Pope John Paul including searching methodologies.

New Jersey Medical School

2004 Intranet project lead, Derl/Dreamweaver survey framework version/release control, server/jrun/coldfusion configuration

eies - Trac

Embryonic open source effort utilizing open source trac (Python)

Barclays Capital: Equity Finance Group

Customer site (mostly private) feeds/backend enhancement and operational support. Developed support intranet website as well.

QuickBooks Pro Fessor - Home

One of many open source mambo/joomla sites I worked on.

entCent :: Unlocking Entrepreneurship : HomePage

One of several open source tikiwiki sites I implemented and customized.

Buy Car Covers, Seat Covers, Dash Covers, Floor Mats online

Integrated custom product search by car make, model, year with OSC open source shopping cart in PHP. (one of many OCS projects)

NJIT - New Jersey Institute of Technology

Site has changed significantly since my involvement as a lead designer, developer, and operations for 8 years including the on-line classroom (for 20 years), course catalogs, etc.

Vacation, Trip, and Cruises by Liberty Travel.

Site has changed greatly since my involvement as a lead designer, developer, and operations for 3.5 years. (Perl/template system)

Sovereign Bank

Site has changed greatly since my involvement as a lead designer, developer, and operations for 3.5 years. (ColdFusion/Java/Oracle)

WineScoop :: Wine is a safe investment - you can always drink it.

One of many open source nuke/postnuke site I worked on.


Public wiki using MediaWiki open source, contributed spelling check component to open source. Used for many private intranet wikis also.

Thanks to Mosaic Beta-Testers and Users

"kind of a hall of fame" for early WWW contributors, I contributed the idea of HTML forms which Mosaic popularized having been involved in the design and development of SGML browsers and their application since 1985.

People who have contributed to the World Wide Web project

"kind of a hall of fame" for early WWW contributors. I promoted the idea that the web was more than just hypertext, and demonstrated applications leading to CGI, and introduced the notion of “objects on the web”, which led to XML. See resume for more complete the list of my early contributions including the first screen oriented browser which served to introduce the web to a wide audience in the early days on the public packets switching networks before the advent of the public Internet we have today.